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SANFORT WORLD SCHOOL is a brain child of educationist couple Mr. S. K. Rathor & Mrs. Kavita Rathor. They entered into school profession with their first preschool in 1999 with the mission to provide quality education to every child of the society and to create an environment that support their development and foster social, emotional and cognitive development and to encourage them to become responsible and independent citizen with a sense of responsibility and self discipline.

After more than 10 years of rich experience in the field, they launched their school brand SANFORT in December, 2009 based on the U. K. Concept of preschool education.

After successfully establishing their preschools they entered into primary and K-12 school segments with the vision to create a formal school system that is highly regarded for its academic excellence and for student centric learning environment which empowers and inspires students to be creative, innovative and great learners.