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Early Years (Infants to Pre Nursery)

The first six years play a key role in a child's life as they begin to absorb the world around them and develop their curiosity. Our curriculum in early years is based on the U. K. Concept of preschool education, which is all about stress-free & conceptual learning with the help of role-play models, activities, and technology. Our curriculum helps children to achieve their best, develop their talent academically, creatively & socially with the help of specially designed activities, role-play models & learning material. Teachings in the early years are student-centric; activity oriented and incorporates the multiple intelligence.

In early years our aim is to enable children to learn through play in a safe environment and to develop social confidence among their peer's group. We give equal opportunities to all the children and are committed to treating the children in our care with equal concern and to make every attempt to meet their specific needs.

Children are encouraged to discover and develop their talents and interests in different areas including language, literacy and Numeracy. Our curriculum is crafted in hexagonal pattern “Core Value Circle” which helps children in the refinement of their senses; motor skills development, psychological development, personality development and practical life care for self, others and the environment.

Primary Years (Nursery to Grade 5)

Primary years are immensely essential as they lay the foundation for language, literacy, Numeracy and life skills. Children are born with natural curiosity & inquisitiveness so, it is very important to quench their needs and make the learning in Primary years enjoyable, exciting and distress free.

At Sanfort World School Primary Level (Class-I to V) our curriculum has been mapped out to sound pedagogy and latest technologies with the purpose of facilitating Scholastic and co-scholastic skills. We recognize the need for an individualised curriculum. After careful planning and thorough research, SWS has designed its annual curriculum to be a road map of the learning and teaching process that will take place in an entire academic session.

Primary Classrooms are designed and equipped with smart boards, projectors, innovative teaching modules etc. to make the learning alive and interesting. Students are exposed to a wide range of latest teaching aids and the activities are planned to meet out the challenge of the primary years. We encourage students for integrated and thematic activity-based teaching for each subject. Experiential learning and co-curricular activities allowing every child the freedom to find his / her areas of strengths and interests.

Middle and Secondary Years (Grade 6 to 12)

In the Middle School (Class VI to VIII) curriculum incorporates the emphasis on individual subjects as Science, Mathematics, Social Studies, English, etc. Collaborative learning is a regular feature at this stage, as children learn to work together, as well as independently.

SWS seeks to develop 21st century learning and life skills, language proficiency, leadership & organizational skills, critical thinking and creative skills, which in turn will enable the students to become successful global citizens. Sanfort provides exposure for Middle School classes to creative communication, linguistic comprehension, identifying, recognizing and applying varying sounds in different contexts, communicating through gesture as well as exploring and expanding thematic and environmental understandings.

The knowledge and skills gained during the Middle School years equip the students with a strong academic foundation and students at this stage can choose a set of subjects of their interest within the purview of the board of affiliation. Students in their Senior Secondary classes become more specialised in their academics and focus on their eventual career choices. The school offers a range of specialized subject to equip students for higher education. The curriculum for the classes I to VIII is followed as prescribed by NCERT and for classes IX to XII as prescribed by CBSE. School also organizes counseling sessions by the subject experts for the students, which assist them in selecting the stream as per their interest area.