Assessments & Evaluation

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Assessments & Evaluation

Pre Primary (Play Group, Nursery, KG)

School follows continuous assessment and evaluation from pre‐primary itself. Children are evaluated for various concepts and activities. Lots of reinforcement is done for the growth of every child and on the basis of evaluation proper counseling of students and parents would be done.

Primary (Classes I‐V) & Middle (Classes VI‐VIII)

Students will be evaluated comprehensively and continuously throughout the year. Unit evaluations will be conducted as per schedule during the course of the year. As per results of these evaluations following grades will be awarded:

A+ - Outstanding
A - Excellent
B+ - Good
B - Above average
C - Average

Secondary (Classes IX & X)

School follows CCE (Continuous and Comprehensive Evaluation) in the classes IX & X as per the Examination Reforms proposed by the CBSE. It emphasises two fold objectives - continuity in evaluation and assessment of broad based learning. CCE will cover the scholastic and co- scholastic areas of school education. There are two types of assessment in CCE - formative and summative.

The periodicity of the two types of assessments are four and twice a year respectively.

Total Weightage of Formative Assessment: 40%
Total Weightage of Summative Assessment: 60%