80-10-40-50-81 HS 19, Pocket 2, Omega 1, Greater Noida - 201308

Our mission is to cultivate in students a life long passion for learning and bestow them with an enriching learning experience that allows each child to achieve their optimum potential.

We endeavor to craft socially conscious and responsible individuals by inducing in them the feeling of respect and concern towards the environment and society. Our vision is to raise earnest and discipline being with an ability that leads to self-confidence, self-esteem and inner strength.

At Sanfort we radiate an atmosphere that thrives skills and attitude in children for life in this rapidly changing world. We strive to imbibe spiritual, moral, ethical and cultural values in children, who will lead the world tomorrow with their extraordinary vision.

We believe in creating a tranquil, curious and challenging environment that stimulates children to weave their knowledge web. Our teachers are engrossed in creating varied learning and teaching techniques within an innovative curriculum. Our mentors with various learning pedagogies kindle a child's interest in curricular and co-curricular activities and nurture them holistically. We ought to develop visionary, articulate and confident individuals with sensitivity and concern towards the environment, diversity and communal harmony, human rights and democratic values.

In harmony with parents we create a loving, caring and affectionate leaning adobe for our children, The Leaders of Tomorrow!