80-10-40-50-81 HS 19, Pocket 2, Omega 1, Greater Noida - 201308

Activity Arcade

SANFORT Activity Arcade is an interactive play zone which aims to provide rich and Conceptual learning to the children of pre-primary and junior classes. The arcade is equipped with colourful, attractive and well designed concepts for Role play activities like Doll House, Farm House, Jungle etc. The arcade also has a self exploratory montessori corner and corner for activities such as painting, scribbling, jumbles, jigsaws, building blocks, legos, clay modelling, pottery, etc.

Touch & Learn Zone

The brand is highly appreciated and awarded for its True smart Learning system. Our smart learning system comprises of uniquely designed touch software to enhance the learning experience for young minds. The fascinating touch panel compliments the traditional as well as conceptual learning by allowing young curious minds to self explore and develop their cognitive skills. Innovation being the major USP of the brand, Sanfort launched its newly developed and designed smart learning system through Tab lab. The software in the tab is beautifully and interactively mapped to the Sanfort books and curriculum keeping in consideration all the nomenclature. Tab Lab enhances the learning experiences of young learners through concept-based gamification, interactive tasks, rhymes and stories.

Science Labs (Physics, Chemistry and Biology)

As per the latest trend and technology SWS has well-equipped and designed science labs for secondary and senior secondary classes making science activities fun based. Through Physics and chemistry labs students are expected to indulge in a creative interplay of observation, experimentation and theoretical inferences. Biology Lab envisages model on Human Torso, Human Skeleton & model on various human parts, creating interest among students for the study of the human body & the living World.

Mathematics Lab

Our interactive Mathematics Lab introduces our students to various formulas and methodologies, bridging the gap between the real and the abstract world through various mathematical experiments and games.


All the classrooms are structurally designed with ample space and proper ventilation. Our classrooms are facilitated with smart boards and projectors. The designing of the classes are in a quadrilateral pattern to allow a good view for all students. .

Infirmary (Sickroom)

To ensure the safety and enable health support SWS provides the facility of an infirmary. The facility is available for the provision of basic physical and mental healthcare services as well as first aid treatment. Also, the school has periodical visits from health care professionals, such as Dentist, Nutritionist, Physiotherapists, etc, for routine medical checkups. We conduct regular awareness program on various aspects of health education like first aid, healthy habits, diet management, and stress management; along with sessions on yoga and meditation.


School ensures that all students are taught healthy eating habits and have access to foods in school as well. The full-fledged cafeteria provides fresh meals /snacks of high nutritional value. We are committed to providing balanced and wholesome food to our children at a subsidized rate.

Life Skill Lab

Life skill lab is specially curated to emphasize on interpersonal and intrapersonal skills of the Sanfortees. Life Skill Lab is equipped with basic facilities & equipment to conduct different types of Practical learning. The lab gives opportunities for self-discovery and to manage the day-to-day life situations skillfully and also discover their interests, strengths, and weaknesses through various group activities like cooking, painting, cleaning, mending, gardening, social work, etc.

Language Lab

Sanfort truly believes in making children global citizens, hence our Language lab introduces to the children the joy of learning various foreign languages an early age, and being multi-lingual opens them up for social and cultural opportunities in future.

IT Studio

Information technology has become an integral part of our life. Using technology as one of the core bases for studies SWS has two separate IT studios with the latest technology devices and software for Junior and secondary classes respectively. The studios are very spacious and Air-conditioned.

Reading Studio

The reading studio fosters the development of lifelong learning abilities and love for reading in the students. In SWS both multimedia in-house library and e-library has an array of books from various genres like literature, science, biography, records, Journals, historic, fantasy, political, etc covering all fiction and non-fiction readings.


SANFORT schools have developed world-class facilities for outdoor and indoor sports to cultivate in students the sportsman's spirit and also encourage students to participate in various Intra and Inter School Tournaments. The School has of massive playground for outdoor sports like Hockey, Football and Cricket and courts for badminton, Tennis, Basketball and Volleyball etc. Indoor sports are as essential as outdoor, the school has indoor sport and wellness areas for table tennis, carrom, yoga, dance, taekwondo and chess, etc.

The school also has specially designed indoor and outdoor play areas for early years and preprimary wings keeping in mind the safety measures. It has fun rides, huge ball pool, trampoline and a massive free play area.

Swimming is a Life skill everyone should know. The school has swimming pools for Primary and senior wings. All the safety and hygiene measures are taken at priority for swimming lessons under the supervision of well trained and certified swimming instructors.