here you can know more about Requirement

Requirement for opening the school?

Requirement for opening a K12 school is land area of minimum 2 acres, a trust/society to run the school.

Minimum Investment?

As such A k12 school ought to give various facilities to a child that consist of library , sports, Medical, Music, Language, Craft work, Dance, ICT etc. and as such we are dedicated to provide quality education with overall growth of child with focus on the field of his interest. In order to facilitate a child with all these facilities,a school needs to be equipped with all the facilities. Minimum investment for opening a k12 school will be approx. 4 to 5 crores initially.

Total Investment over period of years?

Total investment over period of 5 years will be approximately 12-13 crores.

Who can open a k12 school?

A Trust/Society dedicated to provide quality education can open a K 12 School.

What are the legal and statutory requirements?

There are certain statutory requirements like certain NOCs’ from various Government Departments, recognition from state Government and affiliation. Since Sanfort World School is a prebuild brand that’s offering school franchise in India, we will help you in this process.

Why franchisee?

A franchisor works to make your Business a success. As franchisor has already done the ground work for you so it’s easy to avail its services which are tailor made, proven and tested. In today’s world a school is not limited up to constructing a building, hiring teachers and running classes. It is now a challenging field where you can succeed only if you are one step ahead of the leading competitors. Sanfort World School has done the ground work which will help you recognize your school globally.

How much will be return on investment (ROI)?

Expected ROI in Sanfort World School School is 200% over a period of 5 years.